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Tool Box

March 23, 2014

As an aircraft technician, my job requires quite a bit of tools. And a tool box to keep them in. A big, bulky, heavy tool box. This is not a big deal when the tool box is located in the hangar that I work in every day. But during a change of employment, it becomes a logistic challenge. Unload the tools, pack them in separate cardboard boxes. Load the tool box in a vehicle, relocate tool box to new job. Unpack tools and arrange them back into the tool box. What a pain.

Well, it’s that time again. Only now, the new job is 1300 miles away. I have never moved this far away before. As the start date drew nearer, I began to wonder what the best option would be; to have my old trusty tool box shipped by truck, or buy a new box in my new city of employment? The old box was getting a bit cramped. It’s on the small side as far as tool boxes go, to put it nicely. Over the past eighteen years, it’s weathered more moves than I enjoy remembering. It has acquired its fair share of dents, scrapes, and stickers, and the drawers don’t latch closed any more. Plainly, it was time for a new box, but tool boxes are expensive. It was an expense that I couldn’t afford on the brink of this cross-country move. The logistic challenge is now a Logistic Problem. What to do? I didn’t have any answers.

So I prayed. As a Christian, I believe that God, as revealed in the Bible, loves and cares for each one of us. If he didn’t or couldn’t, he wouldn’t be much of a deity, would he? I figured his solution would be way more effective than me just sitting around worrying about it. I asked him to help me with some wisdom (’cause I’m not nearly as smart as I’d like to be) and to bring a solution across my path.

Today the wife and I were running some errands. Almost as an afterthought, she asked me to stop in at the Dollar General before we reached our next destination. As we pulled in, I realized Sears was next door. I told her to go ahead, I wanted to check out the tool section of Sears. Behind the tools sat a selection of Craftsman tool boxes. The salesman pointed out a nice-sized set that was on sale. Regularly $1600, on sale for $600, or something crazy like that. But I don’t want the set. I asked if they sold separately. Yep, the lower box by itself is $465. Wow. That is one stinkin’ good deal. AND for 81 bucks more he could have shipped anywhere. ANY. Where. Talk about an answer to prayer. Sold!

So now I can start thinking about other, more urgent things. Like how many pairs of socks I should pack.


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