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Failed Experiment

March 1, 2012

Growing up, Dad told me how one of his High School buddies had a unique way of cooking hot dogs. Maybe I was a little young and impressionable at the time, but I always thought that it was an ingenious idea. I decided to try it. No open flame, no dangerous microwaves flying about, just the pure safe power of clean electricity.

I had an extension cord that I had severed accidentally (stupid hedge trimmer), so it was an opportune time. I wrapped the copper wires around two big nails, sank them into either end of a hot dog, and plunged the plug into the wall outlet.

And waited.

Soon, the dog started hissing. Then a geyser of steam rose from the middle of the dog. Big blisters swelled and fell, and an odd electrical aroma filled the kitchen. Tiny electrical sparks danced on the end of the wiener where the nails were inserted. The ends still looked cold, but the middle turned dark and appeared cooked. Not real appetizing, I thought. I pulled the plug. When I removed the nails, there was a nasty coating of black on them. Out of curiosity, I cut open one end of the dog.

Yep, burned.

So don’t try this at home, folks. It’s not that hard to rinse out a pan.


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