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Aerodynamic Drag and the Art of Child Rearing

February 12, 2012

When gas prices started rising last summer, I began to question what, if anything, I could do about it. The answer turns out to be: Use Less Of It. And it’s not that hard.
I found a website that discussed such topics as driving techniques and vehicle modifications to obtain higher fuel mileage. It was fun. It got instant results. The fellas on the forum were generally polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. It quickly became a game to see how far I could stretch each tank of gas. My wife would say I became fanatical, obsessed even. I think I’m just enthusiastic.
I started leaving for work earlier so I could drive slower. I aired up my tires and started using a driving technique called Pulse and Glide. I even installed a grille block to make my car more aerodynamic. I’m planning on installing more mods this summer to reduce aerodynamic drag, the biggest gas-waster above 45 mph.
I didn’t realize how much my kids were picking up on my new hobby until just the other day. Nate was telling me about his day at school. He said they were talking about safety. The teacher asked the class, “Why is it not a good idea to stick your head or hands out of the car window?”
Nate raised his hand.
“Because it’ll ruin your MPGs!”


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  1. Hahaha, that last part was really funny 🙂 hey, you should get a domain name and convert this blog to it!

  2. Thanks, Tim!
    Heh, I’m spanking brand new to this blog thing- what would getting a domain name do for me?

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